YFM Equity Partners has invested £3.6 million into Spotless Water, a self-service ultra pure water distribution network.

Ultra pure water is water that has undergone a stringent purification process to remove all minerals and impurities. It is widely used in the window and solar panel cleaning industries, as it doesn’t leave mineral deposits behind when it dries.

Founded in 2016, Spotless Water claims to be the only national eco-solution for UPW, which it provides to customers via a UK-wide network of self-service water dispensing stations.

The company has developed its own custom-built software to run the advanced self-service technology within its filling stations. 

YFM’s investment will be used to accelerate Spotless Water’s growth plans, as the business seeks to further expand its team and launch additional self-service sites.  

“We are delighted to have the backing of YFM and to be supported by investment experts who recognise the potential of our innovative, technology-enabled offering,” said Spotless Water CEO Tim Morris.

“With this new investment in place, Spotless Water can continue to lead the UPW vanguard and provide even more customers with an efficient, accessible, eco-friendly solution.”

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YFM investment director Helen Villiers added: “Spotless Water has demonstrated how grassroots ventures with original ideas and propositions can prosper, especially when powered by proprietary technology.

“We look forward to being part of the company’s new growth journey as it replicates its success to-date and expands its sites across the UK.”

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