Posted on September 3, 2018 by staff

Data and analytics firm snapped up in £30m deal


A company which provides price and promotion analytics to manufacturers and retailers has been acquired in a deal worth almost £30 million by global information and events group Ascential plc.

London-headquartered Ascential will buy Brand View for an initial cash sum of £29.8 million and a deferred payment of up to £8.2 million, subject to the firm hitting certain subscription targets in the future.

Founded in 2008, Brand View offers data and analysis to retailers and manufacturers to allow them to measure and manage pricing and promotion activity and drive sales, across both off-line and on-line market places.

The firm serves over 200 customers from a UK office in Reading, a European base in Paris and a US site in Stamford Connecticut.

“We have a clear focus on providing information and capabilities that enable our customers to succeed in the digital economy,” said Ascential CEO Duncan Painter.

“The acquisition of Brand View, using capital released from the sale of the Exhibitions business, supports this goal by broadening our capabilities in eCommerce analytics.

“Brand View’s Price and Promotion expertise, and coverage of store-based activity, provides a comprehensive offering for both retailers and manufacturers.”

Brand View broadens Ascential’s eCommerce analytics offering, adding a complementary service to the existing specialisms of Sales & Share and Digital Shelf currently provided by OCR and Clavis.

The company also introduces a new customer segment, retailers, together with coverage of offline retail and a highly scalable data platform.Brand View will form part of Ascential’s “Sales” segment and will be integrated with OCR, Clavis and Planet Retail RNG in due course.