Posted on July 3, 2018 by staff

Criminals can buy your online identity for less than £750


Your online data is up for grabs on the dark web, and is going for as little as £750.

The research, from price comparison company Money Guru, was calculated on the going-price of stolen personal data.

The value of login details for the 26 of most commonly used accounts available on the dark web, Money Guru found that you could purchase the majority of someone’s online life for just £744.30.

This can include usernames, passwords, email addresses and any personal details associated with your account including name, address and phone numbers.

How much is your data worth on the dark web?

  • Finance (credit cards, debit cards, online marketing, PayPal) £619.40
  • Online shopping (Amazon prime, Groupon, eBay, Tesco) £30.30
  • Travel (Airbnb, British Airways, Uber, Experian) £26.40
  • Entertainment (Apple ID, Netflix, Spotify, Tidal, Steam) £27.90
  • Social media (Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter) £18.40
  • Email and Communication (AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, T-Mobile) £21.90

“Our research into personal data and how much it’s actually worth on the black market is shocking to say the least,” said James MacDonald, Head of Digital at Money Guru.

“For less than £750 criminals can access not only your bank details, but online shopping, social media and email information too.

“This just goes to show how vital it is to protect your data where possible to avoid facing costly consequences.”

The company searched on three of the most popular darkweb markets, which sell counterfeiting Supplies, drugs and weaponry.

According to the research, email logins can be bought for as little as £2.10.