Posted on May 15, 2019 by staff

Concepta announces first pregnancies from fertility tech


Concepta has announced its first pregnancies from early adopters of fertility product myLotus.

The business launched the product in November 2018, which aims to enhance fertility by helping women to personally monitor their hormone cycles and ovulation profiles to find their most fertile days to conceive naturally.

Concepta’s myLotus has previously secured a commercial partnership with Walgreens Boots Alliance in March 2019, launching an eCommerce website and listing myLotus on Amazon

“These first pregnancies and strong testimonials from myLotus users are hugely exciting,” said Peter Dines, chief operating officer at Mercia and a non-executive director of Concepta.

“Concepta has made significant commercial progress since launching six months ago and we look forward to further collaborative partnerships increasing the availability of myLotus across the UK and overseas.”

Concepta continues to seek out further collaborative opportunities with large diagnostic and retail pharmacy groups, in addition to hospital and IVF fertility clinics.

Mercia Technologies PLC holds a 22.4 per cent direct equity stake in its AIM listed direct investment Concepta PLC.