Posted on January 24, 2019 by staff

Cloud tool to harness power of communication


Freshworks, a provider of cloud-based customer engagement software, has launched an update which it says will enable businesses to build better relationships with prospects and customers by combining the power of text, audio, video and social messaging.

The California firm says Proximity, a suite of updates to modern messaging software Freshchat, will make communication more personalised, proactive and contextual – fulfilling the promise of messaging as an acquisition and engagement channel.

“Freshworks has been focused on providing a 360-degree view of the customer to businesses. Proximity in Freshchat fulfills the promise by enabling support teams to be where the users and prospects are. Our new set of features will empower businesses to enhance their customer-support efforts by being even closer to consumers,” said Girish Mathrubootham, CEO of Freshworks.

Business messaging is undoubtedly becoming a critical customer engagement channel. A study by Facebook shows that messaging has grown to be the second most preferred mode of communication for users to reach out to their choice of businesses. Among consumers who message businesses, 53 percent are more likely to shop with a business that has a real-time chat function.

With Proximity, businesses can build and maintain relationships with customers across touchpoints and gain a complete 360-degree view simply by using these new features within the Freshworks suite of customer engagement software.

The first phase of Proximity includes CoBrowsing (single-screen-sharing with real-time audio and video so that support and sales agents can deliver an immersive user experience), Facebook Messenger integration and OmniChat (allows chat agents to use Freshchat messenger from any tab on Google Chrome).

More features will be released in the coming weeks, including live video recordings and automated translations, which will remove language differences as a barrier in real-time conversations.