CheckedSafe and MICHELIN Connected Fleet are working together to improve their service offerings to Network Rail.

Last August the former – second on our RegTech 50 ranking late last year – signed a deal to manage the compliance of one of the largest fleets in the UK.

Given the immense scale of Network Rail’s operations – encompassing over 10,000 vehicles and 44,000 users –  CheckedSafe has developed a bespoke software solution tailored to its unique needs.

Now it is collaborating with MICHELIN Connected Fleet, a leader in fleet telematics systems, on the solution. Its tracking technology has been integrated into the software, providing real-time tracking and reporting on vehicle usage and ensuring compliance with the highest safety standards.

CheckedSafe – SaaS-based compliance solutions

MICHELIN Connected Fleet’s system generates comprehensive reports on vehicle movements which are sent to CheckedSafe via an API then cross-referenced with its data. The data identifies vehicles moved without a check and vehicles already marked as Vehicle-Off-Road (VOR). 

Prior to the partnership, Network Rail faced the immense challenge of ensuring that each vehicle was properly checked before use. The system relied heavily on driver trust, making it virtually impossible to effectively monitor and guarantee the implementation of pre-use checks.

The new solution identifies any discrepancies between vehicle movement and completed checks. The automated process not only flags potential issues, but also promptly reports them to the appropriate managers, streamlining the compliance process and reinforcing accountability in fleet management.