Posted on June 27, 2016 by staff

Brexit ‘will damage international investment in Britain’


UKFast CEO Lawrence Jones has voiced concerns that Britain will lose out on international investment after voting to Brexit.

Jones, also the co-founder of the Manchester-based website hosting firm, wrote on his personal blog that he was “disappointed” with the EU referendum result.

“I firmly believe that the real damage will be caused by international businesses who want to stay connected to Europe who will either leave the UK or put their future investment into Europe instead of here,” he said.

“We may not see the impact of the lost business and lost opportunities for several years to come.

“The Leave campaign has readily admitted to lying about numbers, specifically those relating to the NHS.

“On Friday £2trillion was wiped off global markets across the board.

“If this doesn’t raise an eyebrow for even the most hardened Leave campaigner, nothing will.”

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced his intention to step down, with former London Mayor Boris Johnson, a prominent voice in the Leave campaign, tipped as a potential successor.

“Ex-Etonian Cameron showed the weakest trait of leadership: to run away when the going gets tough. What example does that set to a country who are looking to him in times of huge uncertainty?” asked Jones.

“A tweet on Thursday night summed it up quite well, saying that Boris has risked a million jobs for the sake of one – his own.”

Urging people to “buy British” to shore up the economy as much as possible, Jones added: “It’s a big message we’ve sent to the world.

“Britain is saying that we want to be on our own, even though that’s only a tiny majority.

“It’s the exact opposite to how I feel personally. Business and life is about collaboration, about working together, about being connected.”