Posted on September 24, 2018 by staff

‘Brain sensing’ tech firm Muse acquires mindfulness app


‘Brain-sensing’ tech creator Muse has acquired Meditation Studio, an award-winning app that offers guided meditations from over 40 leading experts.

Meditation Studio co-founder Cyd Crouse has joined Muse as CMO (chief marketing officer) as part of the deal.

Muse turned the mindfulness industry on its head when it invented a way to deliver real-time feedback during meditation.

The Muse ‘brain sensing’ headband guides users’ meditation through changing sounds of weather based on the real-time state of their brain.

The product uses audio feedback of brainwave data (EEG) to help users to take the guesswork out of meditation.

A recent study at the Catholic University of Milan showed that four weeks with Muse created a physiological change to a more relaxed baseline brain state, improved focus and improved cognitive performance compared to controls.

“The decision to sell your own company is never an easy one, but I found that the synergies between myself, Meditation Studio and Muse was something magical,” said Crouse.

“We deeply believe in the transformative power of meditation and feel it is our mission to connect people to the practice in a modern and approachable way.”

Meditation Studio is a five-star app offering original guided meditations and courses, powered by over 30 leading experts. It was featured by Apple as one of the 10 best apps of 2016 and by Forbes as one of the ‘Top Health and Fitness Apps 2017’.

In Crouse’s move to join Muse as CMO she will help bring the vast content from Meditation Studio into the Muse product line.

Crouse and her new team at Muse now work daily at their shared goal of making people’s lives easier, more connected and more mindful through human-centric technology.