Posted on April 23, 2019 by staff

Birmingham GP launches The Doctor Service


An enterprising GP has launched an online treatment service in which patients can request medicine, have their prescriptions reviewed by a GP and medicine delivered to their door.

Birmingham-based Dr Kiran Sodha has created and launched The Doctor Service which provides online private healthcare accessible at any time to patients throughout the UK.

Patients can fill out a form requesting treatment without needing to see a GP. The forms are reviewed by qualified doctors, and prescriptions are issued to pharmacists who review, dispense and dispatch the medication which is delivered to patients’ doors.

Dr Sodha, 32, developed The Doctor Service after becoming frustrated by the difficult processes patients had to go through to receive some treatments.

He said: “I have always been interested in innovation and this is what led to the creation of the business. After qualifying as a GP in 2015, I found that waiting times to access treatment was unacceptable and I found the way I was taught to treat people in medical school was not always the best way to treat people in practice.

“What makes us different to similar businesses is that we are run by doctors and not business people or a corporate organisation so we are able to build trust with our clients through our knowledge which is what many people ultimately want from their doctors. We only work with independent community pharmacies, as we believe they drive the best service and customer care for their patients.

“We really care about our patients, and success to us is when patients see an improvement in their medical conditions.”

The Doctor Service offers four treatments online but Dr Sodha is developing this further to provide more treatments and video consultation services while also developing close ties with independent community pharmacies across the UK.

To support the business Dr Sodha joined NatWest’s Accelerator programme based in Brindley Place, Birmingham. He is currently a part of the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur program for medical professionals run by NHS England but was keen to develop his business skills and reach a broader network of people across the business community.

Dr Sodha said: “I am doing an MBA at Warwick University but found myself needing to apply some of this knowledge I have learned from the course into my business. The NatWest Accelerator Hub has been a great option as I’ve received coaching and put myself in a position where I am now seeking investment.

“But the programme is so much more than that. I’ve been more focussed in setting goals and objectives to support the business growth and I’ve developed a strong network of people to support my business. I have taken on a data analyst and an SEO consultant directly from building relationships within the NatWest Hub.

“I can solve medical problems but I cannot always solve the non-medical problems relating to the business which is why having a wider network supporting me is so important.”

Pam Sheemar, entrepreneur acceleration manager at NatWest’s Birmingham Accelerator Hub, said: “Dr Sodha has embraced the entrepreneurial spirit and is really making the most of his time on the Accelerator programme by working with other entrepreneurs on developing his business as well as himself as an entrepreneur.

“He has created a fantastic business with The Doctor Service which has tremendous potential for future growth.”