Posted on August 15, 2016 by staff

Big Data firm Hello Soda expands into United States


Big Data analytics firm Hello Soda has cemented its international presence with the opening of a new US office.

Located in Austin, Texas, the new office will help Hello Soda service its growing US client base as well as providing a platform for further expansion.

The downtown office, based in Austin’s financial district, will be headed up by international strategies director Ben Allott (pictured below), who has been part of Hello Soda since its conception three years ago.

“There is substantial appetite for Hello Soda’s offering in the US where we’ve been doing business for some time,” said Allott.

“A total of 50 per cent of our revenue is already being generated in the US and we’re forecasting treble digit growth over the next 18 months.

“It’s a very exciting time for Hello Soda and we look forward to embarking on this new chapter which will demonstrate our commitment to the US market.”

American Dr Ronald Dyer, a lecturer in project management at the University of Liverpool with plenty of Wall Street experience, told BusinessCloud’s Big Data conference in Liverpool that the UK should follow the US lead in making data-driven decisions.

Hello Soda claims its unstructured data analytics platform PROFILE enables businesses across a range of sectors to gain meaningful insights.

It is utilised to verify ID and detect fraud, assess risk and increase financial inclusion, and to personalise the user experience by delivering insights that traditional data doesn’t cover, helping brands to engage with consumers on a one-to-one level.

The new US office follows Hello Soda’s recent expansion in Manchester, where it employs 30 staff and is currently recruiting for multiple sales roles and a new office manager.

The firm also has offices in Bangkok.

James Blake, founder and CEO of Hello Soda, added: “When we started up the business in 2013, we recognised the potential that Big Data analytics held and knew we could play a pivotal part in the FinTech revolution.

“Now, just three years on, our international presence has been fully cemented and we operate around the globe 24 hours a day.”

Hello Soda says most of its clients prefer not to publicise their use of the product in order to maintain a competitive advantage.

It also offers a smart child internet safety monitor called Online Them which analyses social media content for adult content or mentions of crime using natural language processing.

It also ranks who a child interacts with most on social media and helps parents understand where and when their kids are online.