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With Cataclysm Classic finally out, the need for gold is higher than ever. Whether you’re still leveling or already maxed out, gold is always essential for you to progress and gear up properly for the endgame content. So, to help you out, we’ve put together a quick guide with three foolproof ways to get those precious coins fast and efficiently.

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And now, let’s go and make some coins!

Easy Gold-Making Methods in Cataclysm Classic

Daily Quests

It’s no secret that daily quests can earn you a good chunk of gold, and Cata Classic is no different.

The new Tol Barad quests give around 50 coins each, adding up to a pretty nice sum when you complete a bunch of them. Plus, while you’re doing these quests, you’ll also earn useful materials and Tol Barad Commendations, a special currency that can be exchanged for some cool items at the vendor. Just make sure to pick up all the quests near the portal before you get started with your dailies in Tol Barad to maximize your profit.

Cooking and Jewelcrafting dailies can also be quite profitable. Jewelcrafting quests, for instance, not only drop gold but, most importantly, reward you with tokens that can be used to buy recipes. These recipes sell like hotcakes at the Auction House and always fetch a good price. Cooking dailies, on the other hand, grant Chef Awards, which can be exchanged for valuable recipes as well. Both types of profession quests offer great opportunities for earning gold, with the chance to make up to 5,000 coins per hour if you play the Auction House right.

Farming Volatile Elements

This one is a very simple way to earn gold without any special professions or skills. The items we’re interested in are various elements like Volatile Air, Volatile Water, Volatile Fire, and Volatile Earth. These drop from different Elementals and sell pretty well at the Auction House because they are essential reagents for leveling professions and crafting high-end items.

In Uldum, you can farm Scion of Al’Akir mobs for Volatile Air. You can start at around level 82, making it easy to combine gold farming with leveling your character. The downside is that Uldum is a popular questing and farming zone, so you might face some tough competition. If it gets too crowded, head over to the Twilight Citadel area to farm Enslaved Tempests.

In Twilight Highlands, you can find other Volatiles. Head to the Black Breach area to farm Obsidian Stoneslave mobs for Volatile Earth. To get Volatile Water, teleport to Dragonmaw Port and head west to the area where the river splits into streams to kill Muddied Water Elementals. This spot can also be contested, so it might be better to do your farms when it’s less crowded. A less populated spot is around Victor’s Point, where Enslaved Waterspouts also drop Volatile Water. From there, you can head down to Cannon’s Inferno. Among the lava rivers, you’ll find Enslaved Infernos, which drop Volatile Fire. You can also fish for this element in the lava pools: no special skill or equipment is needed aside from a basic fishing rod. Additionally, Volatile Fire can be found east of the Sulfuron Spire in Mount Hyjal.

Before you start farming, we highly recommend you check Auction House prices. It’ll show you which Volatile element is in highest demand so you can focus your efforts on that one for maximum profit.

Gathering Professions

If Cata is not your first WoW expansion, then you already know the drill. Materials like leather, herbs, and ores are in high demand at the start of an expansion, so as long as you keep supplying them, you’ll rake in a hefty profit at the Auction House. 

We recommend leveling up professions like Mining and Herbalism first because they have excellent gold-making potential while being profitable and relatively easy to master. With Mining, you can farm ores, smelt them into bars, and even prospect them into gems if you also pick up Jewelcrafting. Herbalism will allow you to gather and sell herbs, and you can also collect Volatile Life, which can sell for a good price at the Auction.