Posted on November 22, 2017 by staff

‘End of road’ warning for pioneering start-ups


Simply being first-to-market is no guarantee of success says Ant Chisnall, founder of DriverNet.

The company uses telematics to connect drivers to customers in real-time, which means deliveries aren’t slowed down by things like incorrect information, unreliable GPS and blocked access.

Starting a business that’s doing something new can bring new challenges, and companies shouldn’t rely on novelty to succeed in the market says Chisnall.

“I’ve heard plenty of times people say that start-ups were too early, too ahead of the curve, or the timing wasn’t right and so they failed to take off,” he told BusinessCloud.

“So whilst a start-up can have complete confidence in its first-to-market product and its value, if they can’t articulate it or push the technology into the market then it can mean the end of the road.”

The company has taken the driver and customer and put them at the heart of the telematics and delivery experience, and is trying to change the way that people feel about the technology as a whole.

Chisnall says that being a pioneer in a field comes with its own challenges that others may not have to face.

“There will be times when you do question yourself and your product because of different feedback that you get, and there’s no businesses for first-to-markets to compare themselves to either,” he said.

“Be prepared to question yourself and your product and you will no doubt have to work harder on getting your messaging and brand right.”

However companies doing something completely new play a vital role in the market overall believes Chisnall.

“Spin-offs of successful businesses will always enter the market, which can either keep businesses on their toes or catch them off guard,” he said.

“Facebook wasn’t the first social network, but they came up with the best version to date. Constant reinvention is good for competition.”