A ‘product listening’ platform used by leading FinTechs Cleo and Revolut is plotting further growth after unveiling a new brand identity.

Launched in 2021 with a single founder, BehindLogin now has a team of seven across design, research, product, technology and its board of directors.

The company, which featured on our sister site TechBlast’s Bristol Startups 2.0 list last year, equips its FinTech and financial services clients to maintain and grow their competitive advantage. 

It runs regular research sessions and has open lines of communication with a global network of over one million users of financial products. Its in-house Radar technology tracks when a client’s competitors are making updates to apps and websites, and feeds these back.

Bristol Startups 2.0

Founder Oliver Lane said it has seen a 200% increase in YOY growth over the last three years.

“It is now the leading competitive research provider for over 20 household names within financial services, from Hargreaves Lansdown to Phoenix Group and Revolut,” he told BusinessCloud.

“The next 12 months present an exciting opportunity to continue this growth trajectory. We have ambitious plans to double the team size, primarily in product and technology.”

Radar gathers data and content from communication channels utilised by financial services companies: it scans app stores, social media, blog posts, press releases and marketing emails then, employing natural language processing, it identifies and filters essential product and proposition updates and presents the content to users. 


“BehindLogin already has over 150 users from 40 different companies leveraging the platform. Over the next 12 months, we are committed to further enhancing the Radar platform through continued investment to better serve our existing customers and expand our user base,” says Lane.

The new identity includes “a revamped logo, updated fonts, vibrant colours and an enhanced website to reflect our renewed vision and commitment to excellence in the field of financial services research”.

BehindLogin logo

“We are thrilled to introduce BehindLogin to the world,” said the CEO. “This rebranding marks a significant milestone in our journey as we refine our proposition and sharpen our focus on delivering unparalleled competitor insights and solutions to our clients in the rapidly evolving landscape of FinTech and financial services.”

Nikki Hawkes, head of growth at Stratiphy, said BehindLogin “has given us a unique insight and additional lens into the world in which we operate” while Loqbox founder Gregor Mowat said it has proven a great way to stay ahead of our competitors”.

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