Posted on August 2, 2017 by staff

Are your old gadgets worth thousands?


Technology hoarding Brits who have stockpiled their old phones, gaming consoles and computers could be sitting on thousands of pounds, according to new research.

Experts have crunched the numbers to find out the price that our seemingly ‘outdated’ technology is selling for on resale sites, and have discovered that consumers could be sitting on a hefty cash windfall.

Smartphones are some of the most common products that sell for a high price, with old models of iPhones and Samsung Galaxies regularly selling for hundreds of pounds.

It’s good news for hoarders who have kept their vintage mobiles and gaming consoles in good condition, because the value on resale sites for first generation iPhones and Game Boy Colours is greater than many modern pieces of technology.

“We often think that just because our unwanted technology is old that it’s worthless, but you’d be amazed at how much value these items can still have,” said Darren Williams of

“If consumers have been clever enough to store their old technology rather than chucking it in a skip when it’s no longer needed, then they could now reap the rewards and make a huge sum of money by selling it online.

“Think about it, if you have a few old models of phones, one or two games consoles you no longer use and an old camera that’s collecting dust, then you could well have a stockpile of technology that is worth thousands in resale value.

“These are just a handful of the pieces of technology being sold online, so have a rummage through your old junk and you’ll likely find something similar that could make you a tidy amount of cash online.”

The priciest item sold online was a 2015 edition of a MacBook Pro, which is currently fetching a whopping £981.

Mobile phones were the most commonly sold pieces of second hand technology, with a iPhone 7 proving to be the costliest resold item at £500.

Hoarders who’ve kept hold of their outdated iPhone models could finally be rewarded for not throwing them in the bin or giving them away, as a first generation iPhone can sell online for up to £415.

You can expect a hefty amount of cash coming your way if you decide to sell your Samsung Galaxy, with an S6 model currently selling for £170, and the S5 models going for £155.

Brits who are looking to trade in their old models of the Apple Watch can also make back some serious cash, with the first series of the watch being sold for up to £200.

Most households have a collection of old phones stashed away, and even those could be worth something, as an old Nokia 3310 could net you as much as £30 online.

Avid gamers who have kept hold of their outdated consoles can also get some extra cash in their pockets, with well-conditioned Xbox 360’s being resold for as much as £100.

If you’re more of a PlayStation fan then you can still expect to make a fair bit of extra cash, with PlayStation 3’s selling online for £90, whilst an older PlayStation 2 model can also be cashed in to the tune of £35.

Nintendo fans could also see some serious money coming their way if they’re prepared to part with any old consoles, with a Nintendo Wii U currently on the market for £150 and standard editions of the Wii selling for £54.

The other pieces of technology that can net consumers some extra cash are an iPad2 which is selling online for £139, a retro Game Boy Colour with a going rate of £100 and a Nikon Coolpix camera for £140.

Technology / Resale value

Xbox 360 – £100
PlayStation 3 – £90
PlayStation 2 – £35
Samsung S6 – £170
Samsung S5 – £155
Nintendo Wii U – £150
Nintendo Wii – £54
Game Boy Colour – £100
Dell All-in-one PC Monitor – £170
iPhone 7 – £500
iPhone 1st Generation – £415
Nokia 3310 – £30
iPad 2 – £139
Apple Watch Series 1 – £200
MacBook Pro 2015 model – £981
Nikon Coolpix – £140