The Hydracup product developed by HealthTech 50 star Aquarate has been chosen for an NHS hydration project.

The NHS is working with all seven regions in the UK to focus on improving hydration in care settings using assistive technology.

Aquarate’s smart cup has been proposed in four of these regions with the aim of reducing urinary tract infections.

The hydration pilot will be implemented amongst elderly patients across a range of care homes, domiciliary care and acute care settings.

By introducing digital innovations across such a broad range of care settings, the impact of the Hydracup can be measured comparatively, allowing the areas with the greatest potential to be scaled up subsequently.  

CCGs and ICSs are looking primarily to reduce UTIs and decreased dehydration-related hospital admissions, but monitoring fluid intake has many more advantages: it allows caregivers to proactively adjust care given to avoid dehydration, confusion, dizziness, trips, falls and fractures, kidney issues and can reduce the need for antibiotics.  

Liverpool startup Aquarate’s ambition with the project is to see a decrease in UTI cases of at least 20%, with a potential saving to the NHS of millions when rolled out in full. 

“Delivering training to staff and family carers is also a key part to ensuring the project success and we can’t wait to see the improvement in people’s health that just staying properly hydrated can make,” it said. 

“Too much care can disable people, but introducing a simple hydration tool can help people live independently in their own homes for longer which benefits everyone.”