Posted on April 16, 2019 by staff

AO and L Marks launch global search for tech start-ups


The online electricals store, AO, in partnership with L Marks, has announced a global search for the next digital disruptors who will make online shopping easier and faster for its customers.

In the programme, the AO Innovation Lab will select start-ups through a rigorous search and selection process to work alongside it in crossing new frontiers in e-commerce.

L Marks has created over fifty global corporate accelerators and will lead the hunt for start-ups for the AO Innovation Lab.

AO will provide the start-ups with access to senior mentors and subject matter experts, development opportunities and product validation, pilot schemes on AO’s website and the potential for investment from AO and L Marks.

“The AO Innovation Lab is about inventing our future now”, said AO’s founder and CEO, John Roberts. “I’m passionate about innovation and constantly disrupting ourselves in the pursuit of having the happiest customers.

“We have a world class I.T. team but we don’t know what we don’t know so the AO Innovation Lab will challenge our thinking and open our eyes even wider.

“Partnering with experts like L Marks means we’ll find tomorrow’s tech entrepreneurs and make their ideas a reality to the benefit of our customers. It’s one of those situations where everyone involved is a winner.”

Successful start-ups will take part in a ten week innovation programme in the AO Innovation Lab which will create an environment to demonstrate ideas and collaborate to turn them into real life tools and products.

The AO Innovation Lab is also open to anybody who has an idea but need help to get it going.

Daniel Saunders, chief executive of L Marks, added: “The launch of AO Innovation Lab underlines the entrepreneurial ethos that has existed within the company since its founding less than 20 years ago.

“AO is a British success story that understands innovation, strategic growth, and the importance to strive for a better way.

“This is the first time L Marks will be working with a pureplay e-tailer and we are excited to be working with such an innovative and successful company.

“AO is perfectly suited to support start-ups in their development whilst harnessing the latest technology innovations to improve their own operations and create new experiences for their customers.”