A student ‘task app’ that connects businesses with more than 180,000 students for paid work opportunities has secured £1.25 million in funding after scaling its monthly revenue by 1,900% over the last 18 months. 

Ranked as the top free Lifestyle and Business app via the Apple App Store, UniTaskr was originally established in September 2019 by co-founders Joseph Black and Oliver Jacobs to provide a smart and reliable way to help students generate additional income, whilst gaining valuable work experience across different sectors.

Over the last two years, the young entrepreneurial duo has worked hard to expand both student and business users. It has accelerated from 4,000 members, 7,000 tasks and £150K in work opportunities created during 2020 to 180,000 members, 190,000 tasks and an incredible £10.7m in opportunities offered in collective income to students during 2021.

As a result, the tech start-up has successfully scaled its monthly recurring revenue to six-figures and has attracted an impressive £1.25m in pledged funding from angel investors.

Headquartered in London with offices in Manchester, UniTaskr now employs a team of 20 individuals and is looking to appoint six additional new hires in the coming weeks. 

The investment will be used to scale the UniTaskr operation and advance its technology. In addition, funds will be attributed to the launch of multiple new services, designed to advance student recruitment and maximise its growing network.

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This follows ‘SHOUT by UniTaskr’, a dedicated nano-influencer agency that connects leading brands with tens of thousands of readily engaged students. 

“Since we officially launched UniTaskr in September 2019, both Oliver and I have worked hard to create a platform that successfully bridges the gap between students and businesses, whilst providing the opportunity for students to gain valuable, paid work experience that will increase their chances of securing a desired and relevant job role once they’ve graduated,” said Black.

“We have established an exciting new revenue stream in SHOUT, which has propelled our growth and enabled us to deliver effective student marketing campaigns for leading brands worldwide.”

Working closely with household names including Iceland, Redbull and Groupon, SHOUT by UniTaskr is fast-becoming an influential agency within the growing, nano-influencer space – recently positioned by TikTok as the largest nano-influencer organisation worldwide with an estimated combined reach in excess of 500 million followers.