Posted on January 8, 2019 by staff

Analytics firm Purple launches new platform


WiFi analytics firm Purple WiFi has launched a brand new platform which it claims puts the North West firm “miles ahead of the competition”.

Purple delivers Wi-Fi solutions that generate real-time analytics and marketing for venues and businesses that want to engage with their visitors and understand how their physical spaces are being used.

They can then deliver highly targeted marketing campaigns to increase ROI and improved customer experience.

Over the course of 12 months, Purple’s existing platform underwent a complete rewrite to significantly improve the overall look, navigation, depth of reporting, and speed.

“This isn’t just a simple update, or an improvement on the previous platform – we have built this new platform from the ground up,” said Gavin Wheeldon, CEO of the Greater Manchester firm.

“We’ve taken what we have learnt over the past six years and combined this with new ideas and new technology.

“It’s by far the biggest launch in our history and puts us miles ahead of the competition.”

The changes mean customers can now segment and understand the data they capture from their physical venue – whether that is through Purple WiFi, or other connectable data sources – more efficiently and at a much more granular level.

“Our customers can now quickly identify patterns and trends in their data and use this data to personalise marketing communications and impact business decisions – something we know that, from our data set of over 80 million unique visits, helps businesses increase customer retention and drive spend,” Wheeldon continued.“Our analytics capabilities really have evolved into a true enterprise-class solution, and this is something we are really proud of.”The platform now has 5,940 different views of data. “The reporting functionalities are endless. If a customer wants to look at the total number of Wi-Fi users at a specific venue, across a given timeframe, and filter those results by age range and login method, they can,” Wheeldon explained.

“Analytics often creates as many questions as it answers, and the new platform will allow our customers to interrogate the data to answer those questions.”

Purple works with clients including McDonald’s, AENA, JP Morgan Chase, Michael Kors and Walmart.

Wheeldon concluded: “This new platform will give us and our network of partners the edge when competing with other WiFi analytics providers, solidifying our position as market leaders.”