Posted on May 15, 2019 by staff

AI-powered call centre tech granted US patent


A British company developing software products for the global contact centre market, has been granted a US Patent for its AI-powered caller detection tech.

London-based Noetica’s ‘Live Person Detection’ blends real and automated voices, and uses AI to enable outbound contact centres to automatically detecting answering machines and voicemail.

When a live person is detected the call is automatically routed to the same agent whose voice was used by the AI segment of the call.

The firm has won an Innovation in Contact Centre Technology Award and was shortlisted for a 2019 UK National Innovation Award, in recognition of its technology that blends human and artificial intelligence.

“As Britain looks to expand its international trading relationships, as it plans to depart the European Union, small innovative companies such as Noetica are taking the early initiative,” said Founder and CEO of Noetica, Danny Singer.

“This US Patent marks a major step forward in our plans to expand Noetica’s presence in the large and vibrant North American contact centre market.”