Posted on January 4, 2018 by staff

AI ‘expertise finder’ raises £4.8 million


Following its latest investment round, artificial intelligence-powered ‘expertise finding’ platform ProFinda has now raised a total of £4.8 million from a number of investors.

Names include VCs Notion Capital and Nextlaw Ventures and some highly strategic business angels.

The latest investment will help ProFinda change the way that organisations discover and tap into internal expertise and knowledge.

ProFinda’s AI-powered engine helps to address a key issue in many companies – the fact that they are brimming with knowledge that is wasted because firms don’t know what skills already exist within their business.

ProFinda’s AI-powered engine builds a dynamic map of all the existing employee skills, knowledge, connections and expertise across a company.

It then uses machine learning to match people who need certain skills with employees within their own company who already possess them.

It gives firms an accurate bird’s-eye view of all the knowledge and skills already within their company – including employees, alumni, freelancers and other contractors – so that they can make use of them.

“Our work is helping to disrupt the future of the work landscape,” said ProFinda CEO Roger Gorman.

“ProFinda’s latest investment puts us in a powerful position to continue to deliver our fast-paced and ambitious roadmap.

“With the new investment, we will strengthen our proposition, refine our technology and ensure we continue to build out our impressive and experienced team.”

With the rise of remote and flexible working, and as businesses wrestle with ongoing poor global productivity figures and low employee engagement, ProFinda is uniquely positioned to help companies reinvent the way they embrace, empower and understand their workforce.