The CEO of a fast-growing technical SEO platform expects to hire 50 new staff next year.

Deepcrawl employs 75 people at its headquarters in London with a further 40 staff in New York and 10 in Krakow, Poland. 

Craig Dunham, who was appointed to the top job in August following a six-month stint as COO, says competition for talent in the SaaS market is fierce but there are plans to hire across the globe.

“We are hiring pretty aggressively going into next year – we expect to bring in 50 people,” he tells BusinessCloud.

“A lot of our customers are in the US and you’ll start to see the organisation balance out a little bit in terms of headcount over the next several years, but we’re still going to invest a bunch in the UK as we think there’s a great opportunity for us there.”


Currently, the majority of the New York workforce is in sales and commercial activities – but American Dunham, who is based in Chicago himself, expects that to change with the rise of remote and hybrid working.

“The world is much smaller now all of a sudden. I struggle to put those boundaries in, like ‘we have to hire someone in this role in New York, or this role in London’,” he explains.

“This idea that we all have to be in the same physical space every day is changing. We want to adapt and innovate in some of those ways as well.”

The company’s website performance tools are used by enterprise customers including eBay, Microsoft, PayPal, and IBM, with clients spanning industries from eCommerce to media, travel, financial services and healthcare.

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Founded in 2010, it closed a $19m Series B funding round last year led by Five Elms Capital and Beringea, taking total funding since launch to $25.8m. Dunham expects a Series C to follow early next year.

We’re a business that will require additional funding to continue to thrive and to continue to grow. That hiring plan won’t happen without us going back out to market and raising further funds,” he says.

“Everyone at some point is a little bit worried about dilution – but we all recognise that dilution is in a lot of cases a necessary thing. You have to make thoughtful investments to fund the business and its growth.”

Deepcrawl recently hit $10m annual recurring revenue having shifted its model towards enterprise customers three years ago.