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Many business owners would like to save money on marketing. But the reality is that advertising and PR budgets can be huge. Yes, it’s hard to imagine Coca-Cola, Mars and Adidas without enormous budgets. But still, not all businesses have the opportunity to pay for large-scale advertising campaigns.

So, what are the most fruitful and low-budget ways to promote a company? Below, we have collected tools that have been tested by many and, thus, have shown their effectiveness. So, hurry up to outsource your homework to a write essay for me service, free up your schedule and dive into the world of marketing with us. While a reliable essay writing service is doing its job, you can focus on the right promotion tools. They are simply essential for a business to get back on its feet and gain momentum. 

1. Exhibitions & Workshops

Do you want to promote your brand among partners and target audiences? You can give away samples of your products, or come up with creative boxes with your logo, contacts and, say, certificates for the first purchase. So you will definitely increase the flow of new customers.

2. Amazing Events

Organize an event based on what problem your audience has. Give them this solution for free. It can be a seminar or workshop with a big name in the industry.

Such an event can be arranged with the owner of the premises who is interested in your audience. It can be a coffee shop or bar that needs new visitors. In fact, it will be mutually beneficial advertising. 

Of course, it’s better to do research first in order to understand which businesses will be interested in such cooperation. And if you find it hard to manage everything, why not buy essay? Just trust the essay writer help and move on to work without unnecessary stress.

3. Press Releases

Prepare press releases about your company’s activities, but make sure they are short and interesting to read. Look for informational occasions and news breaks within the company. Then, distribute your press releases through all communication channels available to you: website, magazines and newspapers, and newsletters. 

Many journalists agree to publish such press releases for free. You can also cooperate with various news profiles on Instagram: they definitely won’t refuse to publish high-quality infographics, so work on your content. It should be exciting to journalists and publicists.

4. Publications

Offer free content created by you to media and journalists. It can be an infographic, an analytical report, an interview, or a guide on how to solve a specific problem for your customers.

Everyone needs useful yet engaging content. Finally, ask your clients about what they want to know about. Of course, you need a fresh eye and a lot of energy for this, so order an academic research paper from an experienced essay writer if you are too tired of the endless stream of tasks.

5. Case Studies

The point of case studies and success stories is that you show the target audience how you can solve their problem. Usually, the scheme is as follows: problem-solution-result, or before and after.

Choose a very simple and friendly style, as if you were writing directly to a friend. Don’t be too persistent, otherwise, people might get spooked by your pressure. You just share information and that’s it.

6. Reviews

Without clients’ feedback, it’s almost impossible to establish trust with new customers and build a reputation. After all, you are a responsible brand, right? People interacting with you must understand it and for this, they need evidence.

7. Word Of Mouth

Involve friends in promoting your company and products. But it’s not enough to say “I have just launched a brand and here are my products”. The news should be shocking, funny, or curious. You need something that will attract people and hook them.

Credit: Kaleidico, Unsplash

Credit: Kaleidico, Unsplash


8. Gift Vouchers & Loyalty Programs

Do you want your clients to bring someone else with them next time? By the way, this also works with corporate clients.

Have you ever analyzed how large cosmetics chains or fitness clubs work? This is a ready-made business model and you can learn something from it.

To Wrap It Up

Of course, the low-cost marketing methods don’t require a lot of money, but they require the investment of other resources. These are time, effort, patience, energy and knowledge. Try each of the methods to see which works best for you and which brings the most customers. Focus on the few that are most effective for you.

And here’s one more trip we’d like to mention. Promote and sell not your products, but the emotions and results from using your services. For example, “the services of a beauty professional” doesn’t sound as catchy as “haircut that will transform your look”. The same goes for travel agent services. Few people will be surprised by “a trip to Greece”, but “a getaway from worries and immersion in absolute relaxation” sounds great.

Thus, there are quite a lot of low-budget promotion methods. The main thing is to have imagination and courage to implement them.