Posted on February 7, 2020 by staff

£7m funding for smart running shoes which wowed CES


Sports wearable biomechanics start-up NURVV has secured £7m funding.

The London firm launched its cutting-edge insoles and app at the recent CES show in Las Vegas, where it was voted one of the top new products by Wired, CNET, US Today, GearPatrol and the CES judges.

Developed with experts from the UK’s top sport science universities, the insoles use cutting-edge materials and next gen sensors to track the most important running technique metrics of cadence, step length, foot strike, pronation and balance.

The system uses 32 high-precision sensors fitted inside lightweight insoles to accurately capture data from the feet at 1,000 times per second, per sensor. It ships with two GPS trackers and access to the free NURVV Run Coaching app. Runners can connect the system to IOS, Apple Watch, Android and to ANT+ (Garmin) wearables.

They claim to give runners real-time coaching to improve technique and prevent injury.

The Series A investment led by Hiro Capital will accelerate the NURVV launch worldwide and will expand its patented sensor tech into new sports, games and wellness.

“Runners are already able to collect a huge amount of data about each and every run they do. However, most of what they capture is historic, inaccurate and provides few insights on how to be a better runner,” said Jason Roberts, founder and CEO of NURVV.

“NURVV Run revolutionises how people run by accurately capturing the metrics that matter most, directly from the point of action at the foot, before using live coaching to help them improve in a simple, easy-to-understand way.”

Co-founder Ulrica Roberts added: “From the very beginning of this journey we kept coming back to the same question: ‘Why is running measured from the wrist, when most of the important metrics happen at the feet?’

“Driven by the idea we could revolutionise running by putting core biomechanical principles at the heart of our solution, we sought out the expertise to make it happen.”

NURVV Run has been tested during 22 million steps of durability testing and 30,000 miles covered on the road.