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Smartphone owners love mobile gaming. They don’t need controllers and are not dependent on a console. Simply switch on the mobile device and a gigantic variety of games is available in the Play Store. For some time now, this trend has also been moving over to the casino. Players simply challenge their luck on the go. 

In contrast to the traditional casino, mobile gamblers benefit from bonuses and free spins. Even established casinos like Party Casino offer bonuses to attract players. Experienced gamblers prefer to use the bonus and use it directly at the slots.

Of course, these are not the only reason for the popularity of mobile casinos. Numerous other arguments clearly demonstrate why gambling via mobile devices has become attractive. If you fancy a game of chance, you should take a look at the seven reasons for mobile gambling below. 

Gambling around the clock

In the city, casino visitors are guided by the opening hours of the local establishments. Gamblers are usually drawn to slot machines in the late evening hours. Then the house closes; there are no closing hours on the internet. The websites are always accessible, which is why mobile casinos are well received by working people. 

Operators are taking advantage of this knowledge and increasingly targeting mobile participants. Modern companies are creating structures to make gambling even more innovative and flexible. In doing so, they are guided by the latest developments on the market. They incorporate goal-oriented developments into their business and expand the online casino with mobile apps.  

Virtual gaming halls for mobile devices are not only always accessible. Customer support also often works at any time of the day or night. If no one can be reached by phone, participants simply contact their provider by e-mail. 

Transactions with maximum flexibility

Local casinos are quite limited in terms of payment providers. Typically, they only allow players to pay in cash. Other establishments offer the option of payment by credit or debit card. In the mobile casino, things look quite different. Web gaming halls want to appeal to as many gamblers as possible. To do so, they integrate numerous all-in-one payment service providers, such as: 

  • PayPal
  • Instant bank transfer
  • Klarna
  • Paysafecard
  • Skrill
  • Neteller

Customers commit to one of the offers. In a few seconds, the stakes are available in the player’s account. For the withdrawal, they need their own bank account in most mobile casinos. This is also mandatory with the usual payment providers. PayPal, for example, links to the account at the house bank. Without a real account, therefore, it does not yet work. 

No fees and travelling

Login does not incur any costs. The situation is different in municipal arcades. Admittedly, the number of fee-based gaming providers is limited today. Nevertheless, some charge small entrance fees. 

The need for travelling is eliminated as well. Players call up their app on the bus, train, from their own living room or directly from bed. The gaming event can take place immediately and at any time.

In terms of the games themselves, there are free coin casinos and paid real-money offers. In the first variant, players access the slots for free. Real winnings are omitted, but the spin brings a lot of joy and many coins. Real money players invest in the games and receive matching winnings if they are lucky. 

Games in all categories

Shortly after their creation, mobile casinos did not work properly. They constantly crashed and the range of games was limited. Today, thanks to the technical development and by adapting the games to the market, players enjoy an incredible variety of games, without interruption. 

The games are not limited to one category. Gamblers can expect these games of chance from a good mobile casino: 

  • Slot machines
  • Blackjack 
  • Roulette
  • Other live games

Some sites are focused exclusively on slot machines. In others, live games dominate. Gamblers should therefore find out about the range of games before downloading the casino app. Only then should the registration take place. 

Dynamic graphics and intuitive use

Touchscreens are working better and better. They respond to touches in a fraction of a second. The screen diagonal is not a disadvantage when gambling via smartphone. Developers ensure maximum visibility with responsive design, even on small devices. 

When it comes to usage, developers do not compromise. They ensure an easy-to-follow structure of the mobile offer. Players can find their favourite games with just one click. Suitable sound and high image quality are provided. With their profile, they can get even more out of their casino: 

  • Insight into profit and loss
  • Saving of favourite games
  • Convenient payment without entering any data
  • Regular bonuses via newsletter
  • Advantages through frequent playing

High payout ratios

Mobile casinos claim that the chance of winning when using their products is much higher than in city casinos. The payout rate is claimed to often be around 95 percent.  

In addition, mobile casinos are subject to high competitive pressure. They only survive if they offer good services. They give away welcome and deposit bonuses, refer-a-friend bonuses, free spins and more. Gamblers make sure to read about the respective bonus terms and conditions in advance. 

No dress code

The best casinos require an elegant wardrobe and have a dress code. Women wear costumes or cocktail dresses. Gentlemen are encouraged to buy a suit, patent leather shoes and tie. The thought of this does not spark joy in all players. Some simply want to place bets and do not dress up for the privilege. 

Mobile casinos do not discriminate between players. Participants can wear anything they want. They can play in pyjamas or casual leisure clothing. Others go to the slot machines during their break at the office, and still others lie on the beach while gambling in their swimming trunks. 

In the mobile variant, rules of conduct do not play a role either. Only one thing is important: that gamblers invest only the money that is available to them. They must never gamble with other people’s money, and they must make a budget plan before the first bet. This way, they always have an eye on their mobile gambling expenses and do not miscalculate. The issue of gambling addiction should also never be underestimated.