Posted on January 29, 2019 by staff

£1.7m raise for marketing AI firm


Growth Intelligence has raised £1.7 million to help marketers and sales leaders drive faster growth with AI.

Founded in 2013, Growth Intelligence helps high profile brands, including American Express, FedEx, Western Union, iZettle and Vitality Health, target their direct marketing activity to businesses that are most likely to buy.

The artificial intelligence platform combines records of a client’s previous successful and unsuccessful marketing attempts with Growth Intelligence’s own proprietary data gathered from the digital footprint of every company in the economy, to train an AI for each client.

The AI then serves up recommended future clients and advice on how to approach them. It allows sales and marketing teams know who will buy, who will be most valuable, when should they attempt to contact them and what to say when they do.

Growth Intelligence reached profitability early in 2018 and has tripled recurring revenue year on year. The company will use this funding to invest in its AI Platform – building new AIs to solve additional challenges faced by B2B marketers. The company will be investing heavily in data science, engineering and commercial talent.

Growth Intelligence also plans to bring on board leading commercial and technical executives this year.

Andy Robertson, Martin Brown and chairman Stuart Dawson have joined the board as part of the investment.

Thomas Gatten, CEO of Growth Intelligence, said: “This is a great opportunity to invest on top of our triple-digit revenue growth.

“Trade is the human super-power: by applying AI to boost trade, we are helping companies and economies grow faster. We’re hiring.”

Paul Tselentis, CEO of 24Haymarket, commented: “24Haymarket are thrilled to invest in Growth Intelligence. We have been tracking the company’s progress and its unique approach to improving the productivity of B2B sales and marketing processes for two years.

“There is an exciting market opportunity ahead of them, as businesses embrace functional AI offerings. We look forward to applying our network to support the team on the next phase of their growth journey.”