This episode of BusinessCloud’s podcast webinar series Demystifying Tech featured Lara Gilman, co-lead at iwocaPay.

Demystifying Tech, brought to you in association with Tyto PR, considers how technology is shaping business and offers tips for harnessing its power via conversations with key figures at the UK’s most innovative companies.

iwocaPay is a fast-growing B2B payments product which has been built within business loans platform iwoca, star of our FinTech 50 ranking last year.

Lara joined iwoca as head of product and strategy after attempting to build a FinTech startup in the remittance space. The experience helped to shape her approach to building iwocaPay, which now employs 27 people.

The episode discusses how to approach building a tech product from the ground up.

The episode covers:

• What Lara learned from her failed startup Yooz

• How iwocaPay has been built

Optimal ways for teams to work together

• Design sprints and their benefits

• Tips for building a tech product from scratch – ‘Tech Takeaways’

• Why this isn’t Lara’s first rodeo – literally…