‘Our people are our greatest asset.’ The chances are you’ve heard this mantra before – but how many businesses remain true to it?

At SysGroup, our team members are sharp, agile and insightful – they are the backbone of the business. We know that if we look after them in the best way possible, they will in turn look after our customers.

Technology is only helpful when implemented and supported properly, which is why we invest so much in our team. When you are part of a fast-paced, dynamic and growing organisation, your people are critical to achieving goals: our bold, curious innovators are constantly looking for ways to improve services for our customers and drive our business forward. 

It begins with recruiting the right people. Our approach is unique: we look at the culture fit first then afterwards consider skills and experience. The first round of recruitment, for example, is a five-minute video where we ask candidates to answer a set of questions. These videos are really fun and a good insight into people. If the energy and personality shines through, you know they are up for the challenge. As a result, the talent that we’ve recruited over the last year has been amazing, from senior leaders all the way through to entry-level.

I started with SysGroup on the very day the UK went into its first official lockdown. We adapted quickly to virtual onboarding, ensuring that every new starter – regardless of their position within the organisation – met with all our senior leaders and key stakeholders within their first week.

While our team members are crucial to making a great impression with our customers, they also drive a positive culture within the business by wowing our new starters. The feedback we get is that their passion is infectious, and that the people in this business are really committed to their colleagues and to SysGroup. The ambition is palpable. There’s a real sense of community and desire to see the company grow and succeed, which supports us in attracting and retaining the best talent.

This unique, dynamic and engaging culture is underpinned by our brand values. They are not just words on a wall: they are at the heart of everything we do, as proven by countless testimonies from customers and colleagues alike.


Be Bold & Deliver. We actively promote an environment where suggestions and ideas can be discussed openly – then formulate a way to deliver them.

Delight Your Customer. We desire to set ourselves apart from our competitors by building an excellent reputation externally while also delighting our colleagues and stakeholders internally. 

Work Smart & Together. We encourage innovation and efficiency. Our people get a real buzz from the pace at which our business operates: when placed outside of their comfort zone, great things can happen.

Own It. Our people take accountability for their actions and volunteer when help is needed. We deliberately avoid excessive processes and rules, so they are expected to use judgment and consistently challenge assumptions.

Love What You Do. We aim to inspire our colleagues and customers with our passion, energy, tenacity and adaptability.

My team and I work closely with our leaders to bring our brand values to life. We encourage employee peer recognition through weekly ‘Shout-out Fridays’, everyone gets involved and it’s our CEO’s ‘go-to’ source to see who our stars are each week.

This real-time recognition from peers means everyone in the business understands our brand values and how to represent them on a daily basis.

For SysGroup’s people and culture team, our employees are our customers, and we treat them as we would treat our very best customer. By taking every opportunity to delight them – whether through training and development growth, internal promotions or benefits – we align our culture with the goals of the business as we recognise this is all in the best interest of our customers.