Of all the technologies out there, it might be surprising that I’ve picked LinkedIn and Teams as my Tech Essentials. 

But when I think about how I tackle my day-to-day tasks, both of these tools stand out as absolutely vital for my role: LinkedIn for sales and Microsoft Teams for virtual meetings. 

These two platforms have completely transformed the way we approach outreach, connect with clients, and collaborate internally, leading to a significant boost in our efficiency and effectiveness.


As a commercial lead, I understand the importance of reaching the right audience with our message strategically and collaboratively. And right now, LinkedIn is at the core of our outreach strategy, allowing us to connect with key decision makers, deliver targeted messages, and foster meaningful relationships within our industry.

Every single day, LinkedIn is the first app I fire up, serving as my go-to hub for all things relevant in my professional sphere. Beyond its social networking features, LinkedIn offers access to a wealth of external literature and publications, keeping me in the loop with the latest industry trends and insights. This continuous learning ensures that our sales approach isn’t just about people; it’s also grounded in the freshest insights and best practices.

One of the most significant benefits of LinkedIn is its ability for us to reach out to the right people and share valuable insights with them that might help solve some of their operational issues. Approximately 50% of our leads originate from LinkedIn, demonstrating its effectiveness as a lead generation tool. 

Whether it’s identifying the right contact at an NHS Trust or connecting with potential clients in other industries, LinkedIn provides the perfect platform to engage with decision makers and drive business growth.

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Teams is a godsend for streamlining our communication and collaboration efforts. With Teams, we have the freedom to host virtual meetings from literally anywhere, at any time. 

This flexibility has been especially invaluable in today’s remote work landscape, ensuring we can stay productive and connected with clients and colleagues, no matter where we are.

Teams not only streamlines our internal communication, but also enhances our client interactions. Whether it’s scheduling meetings, sharing documents, or conducting presentations, Teams provides a centralised platform for all our collaboration needs. The ability to host virtual meetings ensures we can engage with clients and prospects regardless of geographical barriers, fostering stronger relationships and driving business outcomes.

Two key advantages of virtual meeting tools like Teams is accessibility and convenience. Whether we’re on the go or working remotely, Teams enables us to connect with clients and colleagues seamlessly, enhancing our productivity and efficiency. Also, the ability to record meetings and access them later ensures important discussions are captured and can be referenced as needed.

By regularly monitoring industry discussions, engaging with thought leaders, and consuming relevant content, I’m better equipped to adapt our sales approach and capitalise on emerging opportunities. This proactive approach to gathering knowledge not only enhances our competitiveness but also fosters innovation and strategic agility within our organisation.

By eliminating the constraints of traditional office-based meetings, Teams empowers our teams to collaborate more effectively, make decisions faster, and execute projects with greater agility. By leveraging these technologies effectively, we’ve enhanced our efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, our business success.

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