Neurodivergent business owners, senior leaders and entrepreneurs need support with the day-to-day challenges they find in running a business.

Many of our clients are ADHD and autistic. Some of the common challenges they face are due to a lack of organisational skills, which can result in a chaotic approach to both their business and home life.

For example, their inbox may be out of control and unmanageable: just looking at the pages and pages of unread and unactioned emails can be debilitating for them. At that point they feel totally overwhelmed and can’t see the wood for the trees – which only exacerbates their struggle to focus and find a way through it. 

They can also struggle with their executive function. Things like planning and time management; self-control of their emotions or what they say; and their memory – in the business world these can result in tasks being forgotten, emails going without a response and deadlines and meetings being missed. 

Unfortunately that can appear to some clients and employees as incompetence and can result in loss of income and staff, which adds to the feelings of anxiety and inadequacy.

Many senior leaders and business owners put a lot of effort into supporting those that work for them, but completely neglect their own needs and often may have no idea where to go for help. But there is support out there if you know where to look for it. 

Access to Work scheme

What many people who are neurodivergent don’t realise is that they may be entitled to financial help from the government to help pay for external support in their workplace, whether they are self-employed or an employee.

Access to Work is a scheme run by the Department for Work and Pensions to support people with diagnosed or undiagnosed challenges which are neurological, physical or emotional. 

We work with individuals to help them apply.

Assistive technology

There are a huge number of AT products and services available. A number of our clients use text-to-speech software, mind-mapping tools, time management and tasking apps, and noise-cancelling headphones.

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Virtual support

My team works with individuals to help them plan and prioritise their ideas and aspirations. We facilitate conversations to deep dive into the detail in order to create delivery plans with realistic deadlines and clear accountability. 

Once we have agreed the plans and timescales with them, the team holds them to account for the plan and keeps them on track – so we can help them achieve their goals.  

Whilst we support neurodivergent individuals in their business life, we also support them with challenges they face in their personal lives. If something in their personal lives is causing them stress or anxiety, that will undoubtedly impact their effectiveness at work as well as their health and wellbeing.

Our clients often need support across the board and can include things like meal planning, personal appointments, travel arrangement, birthdays and anniversaries – and even home maintenance appointments.

We are there to help our neurodivergent clients have the space and support they need to concentrate on their business. 

As a neurodivergent CEO, business owner, entrepreneur or senior leader your most valuable resources are time and attention: embrace your neurodivergent qualities, focus on your strengths and use the support available to you.

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