The digitisation of the world has paved the way for everyone and anyone – including businesses – to utilise the internet and online means. 

Businesses have adopted online data, internet searches, website creation, digital marketing, and so much more into their structures.

However, this also poses a threat. Digital visibility and usage of digital platforms can result in cyberattacks delivered through spam and phishing, for example.

As a result, businesses must seek measures to remain safe now and in the future.

VPNs, for example, have multiple features, benefits and ways to do this – and also to thrive.

What are VPNs and are they safe?

A VPN – a Virtual Private Network – administers strong security and anonymity. They ensure safety and internet privacy by hiding a user’s public IP address and acting as a private network online to protect the user from any online problems related to their network. In addition, VPNs serve as a private tunnel and channel to hide and protect your user data and interactions while you make use of public networks and outlets. 

Although VPNs’ initial aim and creation focuses on safety, privacy and security, there are so many out there that you must ask the question: which VPN channel can actually be trusted and truly guarantee anonymity?

Urban-VPN, a free tool, claims to bring safety, anonymity and fast application. 

How VPN features can strengthen and benefit businesses

VPNs have various features that can help and boost businesses to the next level, especially through online presence with networking. 

  • Strong and secure encryption: Encryption is certainly a must to have feature with VPNs and centres on hiding a user’s data by encrypting their IP address. This feature provides great benefits for businesses by enabling businesses to utilise various server locations without needing to be physically present in that particular location and ensuring privacy of your business, such as data and location.
  • Guaranteed support: VPNs may seem complex and difficult to use. But this shouldn’t prevent you from employing them, because the system provides great and helpful customer support and they are supportive, reliable and quick. In addition, customer support is a vital benefit for businesses due to the fact that if a business needs assistance with their VPN, they can simply contact VPN customer support from anywhere and at any time.
  • Split tunneling: This is another crucial feature associated with VPNs and centres on dividing a user’s internet traffic by encrypting the VPN in hand into different tunnels to open and access networks. A benefit that split tunneling of VPNs generates for businesses is that it provides secure access to otherwise sensitive data or resources. 
  • Multiple device connections: VPNs create necessity for business usage, but businesses usually have and demand multiple connections and device connections while running their systems. A major benefit of multiple device connections for businesses is that it saves money, time and data.
  • Speed and efficiency: VPNs carry many vital features – and speed is one of them. They ensure that your server, network and connection will not only be secure and safe from malicious activity or issues related to hacking, cyber attacks and more, but also provide the fast and effective speed that users look for. Speed and efficiency of VPNs benefit businesses largely by generating the quick and effective response they need in doing their work and searches.

Eliminate price discrimination: Unfortunately, users from different locations and services can still face price discrimination. VPNs counteract this by hiding your location and IP address.