The British economy has suffered considerably over the past two years as a result of Covid-19.

As the nation continues on the road to economic recovery, it is important to recognise and support businesses that have endured through this period and have played an important role in getting the UK back on track.

Moving forward we need to foster and encourage an environment which cultivates the growth of businesses.

Innovation is a critical pillar to economic revival, delivering solutions that utilise cutting edge technology to meet the challenges and demands of the world at large.

We must continue to encourage and embolden entrepreneurs that are paving the way to a greener, fairer and a more sustainable economy.

There are several businesses and entrepreneurs in the North West of England that have caught my attention, developing innovative products and solutions in their respective industries with sustainability at their core.

These are my top North West sustainable businesses to watch out for in 2022:

Econic Technologies Ltd

Addressing the ever-increasing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere is a pressing imperative for governments globally. Econic has been working to find a way to turn waste CO2 into something useful for people and the planet. The company’s innovative catalyst technology allows high-cost fossil fuel-based feedstock to be replaced with polymers for use in creating everyday plastics. Most often, large amounts of energy, in the form of heat or electricity, are needed to transform CO2 into other useful chemicals. Econic have developed a catalyst technology that significantly reduces the energy required for these reactions to occur allowing CO2 to be turned into polymers for use in creating everyday plastics such as rigid and flexible foams, coatings, adhesives and sealants.

Entrust Smart Home Microgrid Ltd

With electric vehicle estimated to make up over 50% of all car sales by 2030, one of the biggest challenges facing the UK is to develop the correct infrastructure to support the move towards greener transport. To this end Entrust Smart Home has developed an energy storage system, aiming to maximise self-consumption of domestic solar PV power and significantly reduce end-users’ energy bills. Their solution will significantly reduce peak domestic power demand on the electricity grid and allow more solar PV installation under current electricity grid regulations, bringing maximum benefits to the electricity grid and the public.

Clairvaux Ltd

For many years, Formula 1 and other racing cars have used Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS) to convert some of the energy normally wasted as heat when braking for use to boost acceleration for overtaking. Electric cars and buses also capture some of this energy (a process known as Regenerative Braking or Regen). Clairvaux Ltd, based in Nantwich, is using Regen on home delivery vehicles – such as those used by supermarkets – to store this energy in batteries, which it then connects to stationary energy storage devices at depots where they can be used to boost the charging rates of vehicles. Benefits include a reduction in exhaust emissions and improved air quality, as vehicles produce less airborne dust particles when braking.


Combining responsible fashion with the latest data science, Bendi’s innovative platform helps fashion brands measure, manage and communicate their environmental impact. Bendi uses machine reading technology to predict the environmental impact of a piece of clothing, giving customers information they need to make more informed decisions and purchase responsibly, drastically reducing waste in the fashion industry.

SilviBio Limited

Globally, governments and private organisations set ambitious commitments for tree planting and forest regeneration programmes, at an estimated cost of £1.5 billion per year. Demand for tree saplings is increasing in the UK and abroad. However, Covid-19 disruptions caused losses for the forest nursery sector and will likely lead to plant supply shortages in the coming years. SilviBio’s technology aims to maximise tree seed germination and seedling establishment while reducing water usage and synthetic agricultural inputs (e.g. fertilisers, soil amendments. Its products range from tree seed coatings that absorb water and can deliver biostimulants directly to the roots of plants, to soil conditioners that work with current forestry practices.

  • The Sustainable Innovation Fund, set up by Innovate UK in 2020, is a £250 million public investment programme that provides financial backing and support for innovation projects to help build a greener, fairer, and more resilient future for the UK. Over 1,800 projects across the UK have received financial investment to support Covid-19 recovery, equality, diversity and inclusion and achieving net zero goals. Find out more here: