Technology continues to evolve at an exponential rate. From one year to the next, we are presented with exceptional new innovations that can effectively make our jobs and everyday lives easier. 

Artificial intelligence, for example, can represent a vital tool in the engineering sector. When you run into unexpected problems with your equipment, the reasons for the failure of specific parts of a machine can be several: it might be that they have been operated incorrectly by employees without adequate training; they have not been monitored correctly; or simply that a certain part is nearing the end of its usable life.

It is difficult to calculate with the naked eye why and when a malfunction will occur. In these cases, AI can provide a valuable helping hand in spotting forthcoming issues with equipment. 

Predict the probability of breakdown

One of the best ways to prevent problems from happening is to predict potential issues with equipment. In this regard, artificial intelligence is able to foretell the probability of machine breakdown – or of one of its parts – within a window of time in the future. 

With internal and external sensor data at hand, from temperature to sound and thermal imagery, you can identify potential mishaps in the future with ease. Ultimately, artificial intelligence collects all the information you need – you just have to wait to receive it and act accordingly.

Save precious time

As the technology assists you in spotting imminent problems with equipment, you will be spared from having to diagnose potential issues yourself, cutting significantly on time and effort.

Being aware of forthcoming machine failures can help you prepare and programme replacements way in advance. When the time comes to repair equipment with procedures such as the fitting of hydraulic cylinder parts, you will not have to wait around for replacements and can get straight to work.   

Avoid high repair costs

Artificial intelligence can come in handy with safeguarding your company’s finances too. During downtime, in fact, the chances are that the business is not able to offer services and create products. So waiting a long time for machinery to be repaired can result in financial loss. Instead, as AI provides maintenance engineers with early warnings, it gives you plenty of time to plan for repairs and keep your equipment running smoothly.

Prevention is also better than cure: fixing a machine that is already damaged will have significant repercussions on the company’s finances. This will likely require more work to rectify and will inevitably cost a lot more.

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Monitor equipment constantly

An additional advantage of relying on artificial intelligence is that it is the best watchdog you could hope for. In fact, unlike humans, technology can monitor the correct functioning of machines and equipment 24 hours a day. With no need for out-of-office hours or holiday breaks, AI keeps an eye on possible faults without the need to rest.

Furthermore, it guarantees a very limited chance of error. With no fatigue issues impacting its accuracy on the status of your equipment, you can be reassured that technology will pick up possible technical problems at any time of the day.