A renowned SaaS investor has led a £14.7 million funding round into London-based HR platform Oyster. 

Jason Green, who has led funding for Zoom, Salesforce,, led the Series A investment for Emergence Capital, less than a year after Oyster raised a $4.2m seed round.  

Additional investors include the Slack Fund and Connect Ventures. The investment will accelerate Oyster’s rapid growth and support its mission of enabling people to work from anywhere. 

Spurred by the rapid acceleration of distributed working during the pandemic, Oyster has grown quickly by enabling companies to manage growing and geographically distributed workforces in over 100 countries.  

Oyster’s says it supports the changing needs of HR in the new work-from-anywhere world by removing the need to deal with local payroll and employment complexity, speeding up traditional international hiring, onboarding and by providing robust benefits for employees and contractors.  

“We invest in people who change the way the world works,” said Emergence founder Green. “Remote work is here now and here to stay.  

Oyster makes hiring and onboarding the best remote talent in the world easy, fast, and efficient. Oyster has the best team and product to dominate this emerging category in the future of work and we are thrilled to be partnering with them.” 

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Oyster CEO Tony Jamous added: “The move to work from anywhere is good news to the world, despite a gloomy 2020.  

We have aligned our mission with our growth, and it is paying off. We were fortunate to be able to raise our Seed and Series A during the pandemic, remotely.”