Posted on January 8, 2018 by staff

Zen Internet appoints former Sage CEO as chairman


Former Sage CEO for Northern Europe Paul Stobart has been appointed chairman of Zen Internet.

The Rochdale-based internet service provider outlined ambitious growth targets for 2018 as it announced the appointment of its first chairman.

Stobart, who has also served as CEO of CPPGroup Plc and Tunstall Healthcare Group, grew Sage from £120 million turnover to £1.3 billion.

“With the convergence of voice and data, the emergence of cloud-based services and a multitude of other propositions coming onto the market, the opportunities for channel partners and Zen have never been better,” he said.

A board of directors will also be introduced as part of a management restructure.

“Zen has a huge opportunity over the next few years and if we are to maximise that opportunity and really scale Zen up to be a major contender in the UK market, we need a leadership structure that is even stronger and the ability to tap into even more experience and capability,” said CEO Richard Tang.

“Our current senior management team have done a brilliant job. The separate board, chaired by Paul, will work closely with the SMT to unlock new and exciting opportunities for growth.”