Commercial motor insurance provider Zego hired its hundredth engineer last week as it uses data and technology to more accurately assess risk and price policies.

Zego has grown its workforce across all departments by 42% since the start of the year, and has gone from 47 engineers in December to 100 and counting today. 

Zego engineers also play a central role in developing the company’s products, which are tailored for businesses ranging from self-employed drivers and riders right through to global fleets – bp being an example of a recent partnership.

More than one in three of its engineering leadership positions are held by women, including the CTO, and almost a quarter of the entire team is made up by women.

The recruitment drive comes just a few months after Zego raised $150m in its Series C round of funding which saw it become the UK’s first InsurTech unicorn.

Kingsley Macy, chief people officer at Zego, said: “Zego has established itself as a leading employer, with a proven track record of bringing in the most sought-after diverse talent in a highly competitive market. 

“With each hire, Zego is able to innovate further whilst maintaining the same diverse pool of talent that made this growth possible.”