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Are you looking to upscale your business while going through the pressure of keeping business operations running smoothly? If so, then relying upon the usability of EdrawMax could be the choice for you. EdrawMax has turned out to be a hugely popular choice among users who are looking for a diagramming tool that can help in visualizing their ideas. It is never an easy task to keep in touch with your employees while overseeing the activities they have been allocated. EdrawMax comes across as the most popular option with its customizable flowcharts, Venn Diagrams, mind maps, organizational charts and many more. For beginners who are looking to start their journey with EdrawMax software , this might be the one that can change their business outlook. 

List of features available in EdrawMax

When it comes to features, EdrawMax has plenty of them that you can use based upon your requirements. Some of those features have been mentioned below for you to understand. 

  • Drag and drop

One of the core features that has made EdrawMax a popular option among users is the drag-and-drop function. Once you have selected a desired tool, it will be available on the toolbar, panel, or libraries in EdrawMax. You can start dragging and dropping them directly on the panel, thereby helping you complete the work efficiently. 

  • Auto connection

Another feature that has made quite a name for itself among EdrawMax users is Auto connection. This feature of EdrawMax is used for streamlining the process of diagram creation through connectors between multiple shapes moving forward. 

  • Smart shapes

If you are not liking either of the shapes that are available in EdrawMax, one click can help you transform those shapes into smart shapes. These smart shapes, styles, layouts, and shapes depend upon the input you have decided to provide. 

  • Snap and glue

If you are having problems connecting the shapes, then Snap and glue could be the one for you to use. It helps relocate those shapes effortlessly while maintaining the connectors attached. 

  • Hyperlinks

Looking to add more information to your diagram? Then, hyperlinks could be the choice for you as it helps in adding hyperlinks directly into your chosen diagram. 

Exploring EdrawMax templates 

Talking about templates, EdrawMax has lots of them present for you to use based upon specific requirements. Here are some of the templates that we have briefly discussed so you can get a better understanding. 


  • Data flow diagram

A data flow diagram is used to illustrate the flow of information across a system or process. This helps in understanding how information is moving from system to another. 

  • Swimlane diagram

A swimlane diagram is used for defining the functions that multiple departments are engaged in. It helps in keeping a note of activities that go through different stages of department. 

  • Business Process Modeling Notation

BPMN is a graphical representation that helps us understand business functions smoothly.

  • Process flowchart

The process flowchart is used as a representation for explaining the steps that goes through a business in order to ensure the business runs successfully. 

Process flowchart

Floor Plan

  • Home Plan

This home plan design can be used by builders or contractors when it comes to designing the specifications for constructing a house. 

  • Office Layout

When it comes to designing a floor plan of an office space to accommodate employees efficiently. The office layout available in Edrawmax template could help you in helping employees’ complete tasks efficiently. 

  • Seating chart

Talking about a seating chart template helps in finding out the most reliable seating arrangement through visual representation within a personal space or corporate event. 

  • Garden design

Have you decide to crave out a space for gardening, then the garden design outlet could be the one for you. It helps in finding out designs that can help in efficiently planting trees throughout the garden space. 

  • Fire evacuation plan

Every office and residential building should have a fire evacuation plan ready for execution. This fire evacuation plan can be made using the template available in EdrawMax. 

UML diagram

  • State diagram

Is it too difficult for you to track system conditions whenever you have decided to check its specifications? Then, UML state diagram could be the one you had been looking for, as it is used for the representation of system conditions every single time. 

  • Class diagram

The class diagram is used for visualizing the applications when it is busying constructing the code needed to develop a software application. 

  • Use case diagram

A use case diagram is used to show the interactions between participants within the system. 

  • Component diagram

The component diagram is useful in describing the functions of larger components to smaller components throughout the system. 


With 20,000+ built-in symbols and an interactive interface, Wondershare EdrawMax is a reliable diagramming tool that helps change the preview of diagrams. Nonetheless, it is an all-in-one toolbox that helps you in visualising ideas that might not had been possible before. You can start streamlining your business operations smoothly by capitalizing on Edrawmax’s capabilities.