Think you can write a bestseller? Well, think again.

Statistically it’s estimated that 97 per cent of people who start to write a book never finish it and of those that are completed, only between 1-2 per cent will ever get published.

However, Georgia Kirke thinks her startup could be about to transform the world of book publishing.

Described as the world’s first AI-powered ‘speak-your-book’ platform, the technology enables budding authors to speak their book into reality in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.

The AI-assisted platform also helps with the planning, recording, and editing process and radically improves the book’s chances of being published before it goes before a human editor.

Kirke explained the process at the ‘AI innovators – how artificial intelligence is changing life’ event organised by Warrington Chamber of Commerce & Industry; Warrington Business Exchange; and Warrington & Co.

She said: “Cliobooks enables entrepreneurs to speak their book in as little as 10 hours. Typically your first draft would take between one and two years.

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“You simple fill out a profile, answer some questions about your readers, your goals, your topics. You confirm your AI synopsis and Clio will give you the book structure, chapter title and a talking plan.”

Cliobooks targets writers of non-fiction books but Kirke insisted it wouldn’t generate the content.

“It also doesn’t rewrite your content,” she said. “You speak your content. It simply types up what you say and organises it.

“We don’t need creativity replacing but we need convenience without sacrificing quality.”

Kirke came up with idea after working in publishing for eight years and 68 people have already used the platform, with one signed by a major publisher.

She’s currently in the process of trying to raise £660,000.

“The bigger picture for me is about illiteracy and making an impact on the effects of illiteracy on society,” she said.

“A large percentage of people who end up in prison don’t have access to the written word. They can’t read or they can’t write.

“For me Clio is a really important stepping stone but it really is just the beginning.”

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Kirke worked with and their co-founder Guy Remond to build out the platform.

The other speakers at the AI innovators event were: Tasha Moorhouse, innovation specialist (digital), GM Business Growth Hub; Justin Lawson, UK and Ireland MD, Enterprise Accounts, CBRE; Alexandra Hatchman, NED, board director and advisor; Mike Georgeson, founder of MyEvie; David Walters, investment director of River Capital; Thomas Gardner, founder of Fireflai;  Rob Illidge, CEO of Vulse; and Neil Jackson, senior digital consultant of Hurst Accountants.