Posted on March 6, 2019 by staff

Wolves target 445m people with Chinese eSports launch


Wolverhampton Wanderers have launched an eSports team in China.

The Premier League club have partnered with Jingzong Culture Media Company, which owns Weibo eSports Club, to form Wolves Weibo eSports.

The new team will continue Wolves’ successful move into eSports and play FIFA Online 4, which is the most popular version of FIFA in China, in the FSL (FIFA Online 4 Star League).

Weibo eSports Club is one of the most high-profile eSports clubs in China, running teams for popular titles like FIFA, PUBG and Fortnite.

Weibo eSports is managed by Shanghai Jingzong Culture Media Company and has an exclusive partnership with Sina, which manages the most popular microblogging site in China, Sina Weibo.

The social media platform has over 445 million active daily users and presents a huge opportunity for Wolves to extend its reach into the Chinese market.

“The eSports market in China is growing at pace and we wanted to follow-on from the success of our existing eSports team with a dedicated China presence,” said Wolves’ head of marketing Russell Jones.

“This collaboration is very exciting as it will see us partner with a world class eSports club and one of the biggest media platforms in China.”

Guangzhuo Shi, CEO of Jingzong Culture Media Company, added: “This cooperation is very exciting for Weibo eSports. Wolves are a very well-known and respected football club across the World.

“Partnering with Wolves, to form Wolves Weibo eSports, will help us reach an entirely new audience and provide powerful additional resources.”