Posted on November 15, 2017 by staff

Why it’s important to protect your home with CCTV


In recent months, I have been hearing a lot about house break-ins, expensive cars being targeted and even car jackings.

My own personal experience involved my in-laws with suspected thieves trying to find unlocked car doors and open windows.

With this scary thought in mind, I decided to investigate how technology can protect us and deter the criminals.

I used to think Neighbourhood Watch schemes were old-fashioned and out-dated but after speaking to several security businesses it was clear community vigilance is priceless.

One of the best things I came across was Facebook groups that are being launched with the sole purpose of sharing home CCTV images of suspected criminals in the act, warning local people about recent crimes and what to watch out for. Some have even resulted in prosecutions.

Installing a home camera is relatively inexpensive, ranging from between £100-£300.

The quality of the camera and the clarity of the images is key. A blurry picture might offer a deterrent but it won’t help you identify the culprits.

One of the best rated cameras on the market is called ‘Nest Cam’. We trialled it at my uncle’s home and now he won’t be without it.

It’s easy to fit and once the camera is up and the app installed, it will send a notification and picture to your phone, every time the movement sensor is activated.

In addition, if you have a family member that feels more vulnerable this app enables them to check who is at the door before they even get up to answer it.

The outdoor model costs around £179 but they offer a free home trial. If you decide to upgrade and install security cameras within the home, they’ve got that covered too with a pack of two coming in at around £269.

Indoor cameras have a special function through the app that will allow you to select when they are in use as you probably wouldn’t want them recording you eating breakfast or making a brew.

Some brands and versions have a special facial recognition feature that allows you to store your family’s faces so you’ll get different notifications depending on if the face is familiar.

You can get your alarm systems monitored by an outside company but this can be quite costly.

It’s important to check government legislation. An example of this would be that you can only film your own property and must put up signage to advise people that cameras are in use.