It’s a funny old world we’ve found ourselves in. One where a business could literally be a single salesperson, offering a range of products or services to clients, and spending the rest of their time outsourcing work and networking. Marketing, website management and development, graphic design, social media, accounting, admin – all of it can be completed elsewhere, and with little else than a mobile phone. (And maybe a lot of gusto).

But when it comes to the more creative elements of the above, including marketing, it does make far more sense to do as much of it as possible, in house. And here’s why:

You may not need a fresh perspective

There are two ways of looking at this. You may already have a solid, trusted, and successful brand that’s working well. Plus, if you’ve been handling all your marketing, design, and all the rest internally, already, then why not keep it that way, for now? There exist an abundance of excellent resources for developing your skills in creative ways, so there’s also the option of learning new things – before investing in others.

However, you may also be in the other position. You’re not entirely sure what your brand is just yet, and have begun to think about getting outside help. If so, do be careful not to let someone guide you, albeit professionally, towards something that’s just ‘not you’.

It may prove to be more cost-effective

Think of the guy or gal with the great gusto, from above, and imagine how much revenue would be spent on servicing that gaggle of agencies, freelancers, applications and companies? Of course, that is an extreme example, but the way the business world has developed means it’s now a possible pitfall for all of us.

So, even if it means another hire or two, work out how much doing so could save you, over time. Younger people are naturally multi-skilled, particularly in marketing, and could prove to be a decent money spinner, over the forthcoming months. Plus, as cited in this article on, an “in-house-marketing team can promote cohesive branding.”

Building from the ground up

So, even if a single marketing hire is the beginning, it could be the start of something far greater. That one individual can develop, and grow in their role as a genuinely engaged devotee of your brand. Yes, an agency would claim to do the same, but they’ll also be doing that for umpteen others at the same time.

And the same goes for a graphic designer, web developer, and any other role that’s involved in taking your brand to your audience. In time, everything could be done in house – even printed marketing materials. The range of diverse products by Duplo International gives you this exact option – putting you in the driving seat of the brand you’ve created from scratch. So, the next time you’re tempted to outsource, even in the short term, ask yourself the question: ‘Is that what’s really best for my brand awareness?’ The choice – not to mention the brand – is yours.