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Hello, 2021 here, just wanted to remind you that the cloud is no longer a buzzword or a trend, but a default and a standard for any business that plans to thrive. And any cloud has to be made of something – for the ones you see while looking in the sky it’s basically water, for the cloud powering a food delivery app it’s probably a server. What does the technology revolution stand for? It’s a difficult question, so let’s try an easy one: what does the technology revolution stand on? A server. In a data center.

What is a data center?

A data center is a physical facility used to house critical applications and data. It might not have the potential to fuel the public imagination, but is nevertheless a necessary foundation for every bold vision that becomes a great application. It goes without saying that it’s also the basis on which many companies rely to run their day-to-day operations. With all the pressure to innovate and adopt ever newer technologies, you still need your data to be available and safe – and the best way to achieve this is to find a partner who can take care of your business-critical resources. You can find highly secure data centres available here.

The main benefit of using services from a third-party data center provider is that it enables you to hyperscale rapidly. You get access to technologically advanced, highly-secured and continuously maintained infrastructure without the need to build your own facilities (such an investment won’t make the business more competitive today, but it will certainly freeze much capital). If you choose a data center from an external provider, you can use modern hardware in an IaaS model (infrastructure as a service), which will help you improve the performance of your company’s systems and applications while also reducing costs. 

From server space to managed services – key data center benefits

Some IT providers, such as Comarch, offer not only data center infrastructure but also managed services for greater flexibility and security. As a result, clients benefit in more than one way there is no need for them to invest in expensive hardware or to configure and maintain it on their own (which can be a challenge due to the shortage of qualified IT staff). Your data center provider will take care of your resources end to end: starting from consulting (do you need help with migration strategy? Where will you store your data? What machines will you  use?), through hardware purchase, configuration, maintenance, fixing, and monitoring, all the way to (if necessary) data restoration from backup. This is thanks to computing power and the collected intelligence of experienced engineers working for you for just a small percentage of the price you’d have to pay to do it all on your own – these are the benefits from the economy of scale.

Especially now, during the pandemic, it is extremely important to be flexible: to adapt to changes quickly, provide your employees with secure access to the company’s internal resources during remote work, increase the security level, and – if needed – even change your entire business model (for instance, produce or sell face masks and other protection equipment instead of other products). A trusted data center solutions provider which is a well-established company with years of experience and hundreds of successfully completed projects globally, is the best choice for such dynamically evolving conditions and customer expectations. To stay competitive on the demanding IT market, providers can’t compete on the basis of price alone, but must also take into account quality and accountability. A good reputation is the key asset. Because nothing spreads as quickly as bad opinions, service providers have to do their best to satisfy clients. Companies such as Comarch offer their clients not only standard data center services (hosting, popular architecture, and a disaster recovery center) but also customized policies for backup and dedicated monitoring. We are also able to support businesses that use niche technologies (such as mainframes, Db2, etc.).

Conclusions: data centers as a gateway to the future

With the right data center services provider, your company can unlock new opportunities and take the burden of managing IT infrastructure off your shoulders. By receiving access to technologically advanced facilities for storing and processing information, it is possible to speed up your digital transformation (or modernize the already existing IT environment), prepare your systems or applications for cloud migration (if you are not there already), and release your full potential to create new, revolutionary digital products. If you want to build a palace, there is no need to produce the bricks on your own. Move your business to the future, where every company is an IT company.