It’s been over a decade since Bitcoin’s debut, and the cryptocurrency is still getting plenty of attention. While it has certainly had a rocky road throughout the years, it’s now a massive trend that everyone wants to get behind.

More and more people worldwide are turning their focus on Bitcoin, and there’s a good reason for this.

The popular cryptocurrency has seen massive growth and improvement recently, so if you’re wondering why Bitcoin is suddenly such a smash-hit, here are a few of the main reasons. 


It’s no secret that the biggest reason for Bitcoin’s success is its money-making potential. The cryptocurrency gives users a chance to profit through it in multiple ways, so it’s easy to see why so many newbies are taking an interest in Bitcoin.

Of course, the increased interest for this particular reason is largely due to how easy it is to profit with Bitcoin today. While in the past Bitcoin users were limited to a few profit methods that required investing lots of knowledge and hard work, now they can find easy ways to make an income with its help. 

One of the most popular methods that most newbies go for right now includes Bitcoin freelancing. You can probably already tell by the name what this entails. Users perform various gigs and receive Bitcoin payments for their work.

The tasks users can perform while Bitcoin freelancing can range from filling out surveys to developing apps. The versatility here allows users to go for simple tasks with quick payouts and much harder work which pays significantly more. 

Another recently popular Bitcoin profit method is automated trading. Unlike traditional Bitcoin trading, automated trading with software like Crypto Engine doesn’t require any previous knowledge or experience in the field.

Newbies to Bitcoin can download this software without a second thought and start earning a passive income in no time. What makes this software so easy to use is the advanced AI trading tech it incorporates.

The AI trading bots scour the market for investment opportunities and take them automatically if they’re favourable. 


If there’s one thing all of us can get behind is good entertainment, and Bitcoin manages to provide it in heaps. While most people don’t usually associate Bitcoin with entertainment, the cryptocurrency is used to access some of the best entertainment currently out there.

Users that like taking a bit of risk will find that some of the best online casinos out there are as Bitcoin-friendly as can be. Additionally, fans of classic video games can snag popular titles with Bitcoin through the official Microsoft Xbox Store and the PlayStation Network.

Bitcoin entertainment is constantly growing, and an excellent example of this is the recent trend of Bitcoin games. These online minigames sport an old-school look inspired by fan-favourite arcades from the 80s and 90s.

While the excellent gameplay and the undeniable nostalgia of these games are a big part of why they’re so popular, the best part about them is the real Bitcoin rewards they give players for winning.


Bitcoin might have had issues in this area in the past, but things have changed drastically since then. With shops and services everywhere finally seeing the benefits of adding Bitcoin as a payment option, finding excellent shopping opportunities with Bitcoin these days is a breeze.

From mainstream coffee chains like Starbucks to Home Depot, Bitcoin users can shop pretty much anywhere. A go-to for many Bitcoin users in this area is the massive online shopping platform Etsy.

Since the site is now Bitcoin-friendly, must-have knickknacks await at every corner.

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