Christine Liu knows a thing or two about TikTok.

She works as a brand partnership manager at TikTok and helps brands grow their business.

Liu moved to the UK from Singapore, which is at the vanguard of TikTok influence, and says the perception that TikTok is the domain of Generation Z is changing.

Moreover, she says users don’t need to be big brands with big budgets to stand out on TikTok – and gives GrandadJoe1933 as the perfect example.

Speaking at eComplete’s latest eCommerce meet-up event at KPMG’s Manchester office she said: “GrandadJoe1933 has lots of class generational content that is relevant to people of all ages.”

Who is GrandadJoe1933 and why is he so successful?

GrandadJoe1933 – real name Joe Allington – is the unlikely TikTok sensation.

With 6.8m followers on TikTok – and another 957,000 followers on Instagram – he’s the grandad from Lichfield who has just launched his own range of merchandise.

Described as a ‘granfluencer’, he’s been filmed on the video-sharing app doing dances, dressing up and miming along to songs and shot to prominence during the pandemic.

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Described as the ‘family clown’ his family suggested he join TikTok and he hasn’t looked back.

Liu has three top tips on how to succeed on the platform.

“Make sure you use short form videos because TikTok is a place to be entertained and inspired,” she said.

Christine Liu, brand partnership manager, TikTok

Christine Liu, brand partnership manager, TikTok

“The second one is test and learn. Always test what works and what doesn’t.

“Finally, don’t expect instant success.”

In her role as brand partnership manager, Liu work with brands to help them grow their business on the platform.

“That could be reaching out to the right audience, finding the right social strategy and getting the maximum results on your goals,” she said.

“In APAC (Asia-Pacific) people spend around seven hours a day on different devices, in Europe that’s around three hours, in North America around five.

“In South East Asia the competition for consumer attention is very strong. That’s how brands really need to evolve and bring very engaging ways to target the customers in the best way.

“This has led to the introduction of live steaming or short video form of content to reach out to the consumers effectively.”

Brands are increasingly turning to TikTok to sell products.

TikTok campaigns ‘driving surge in content creation demand’

For example the hashtag #tiktokmademebuyit has had more than 90 billion views and 47 per cent of people have bought something on TikTok after first viewing it on the platform.

The other speakers at the eComplete event were: Paul Gedman, co-founder of eComplete; Andy Duckworth, co-founder, eComplete; Les Yates, M&A and strategy director at eComplete Group; Georgia D’Costa, partnership manager at SellersFi; experienced CFO Paul Masters; Robert Baxter, KPMG head of corporate finance and head of consumer M&A globally; Ricky Jennings, head of eCommerce at  luxury streetwear brand Represent; and Alex Wright, partnership manager at SHOPLINE.

The event was hosted by BusinessCloud’s executive editor Chris Maguire and there was also a presentation from Knutsford charity Children’s Adventure Farm Trust (CAFT).