The UK has the ninth highest percentage of crypto owners in the world.

New research from BrokerChooser has revealed the countries where the highest percentage of the population owns cryptocurrency. 

The number of crypto owners was taken from Triple A’s Cryptocurrency Across the World report.

Considered an indication of the areas where crypto is accelerating towards widespread adoption and usage, the results show ownership is spread somewhat evenly around the globe with countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and North and South America all appearing in the top 10. 

Ukraine tops the list as the country with the highest percentage of crypto owners, at almost 13% of the population. 

Russia and Kenya also came in the top three, with 12% and 8.5% of their populations holding cryptocurrency respectively. 

In the US more than 8% of the population are crypto owners, which amounts to 27 million people.

RankCountry% of population holding crypto
4United States8.31
6South Africa7.11
9United Kingdom4.95