Posted on February 3, 2017 by staff

Immigration, tech and Donald Trump in 10 questions


Take out your smartphone. Unlock it. Now delete the YouTube app. Block Google from your web browser while you’re at it.

If you were planning to cycle home to watch a game of American Football on your HDTV later on, you can think again.

Playing a video game instead is a no-no. Fancy listening to a bit of music on the radio? Don’t even go there. You can also look forward to never setting foot in a shopping mall again.

If not doing anything is making you peckish, hot dogs will not be on the menu. They’re in the bin.

All of these things are the work of immigrants.

Last weekend, Donald Trump signed an executive order imposing a temporary block on immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries.

It was the latest manifestation of a nationalistic mood which is supposedly sweeping the world – one which put him in the White House and resulted in the UK voting to leave the European Union.

The White House, Trump may be interested to hear, was designed by an immigrant. James Hoban arrived in the US from Ireland in 1785.

He should also think twice about humming God Bless America. It was written by Irving Berlin, a Jewish immigrant from Belarus.

The President’s decision has been widely criticised, sparking protests across the world, legal challenges and condemnation from Barack Obama.

But where would the tech in the US be without the talents of immigrants? Take our quiz below to find out.

Although you should take those jeans off first. Levi Strauss was an immigrant as well.