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investfox is a platform established in 2022 in order to provide honesty and transparency to the investment industry. The main objective of investfox is to furnish traders with unbiased and 100% genuine reviews of Forex and stock brokers.

More importantly, by implementing powerful filters, lets traders navigate through complex data easily, resulting in a quick match with the best possible brokerage.

Apart from reviews, you will also come across an extensive database of educational content. 

Investfox offers honest and unbiased reviews

There are a lot of fintech platforms operating in the same direction as investfox, and it is very difficult to distinguish honest reviews from those which are biased.

investfox claims that it will never exchange honesty and transparency for money. 


The platform acts like an IMDB for financial traders. When you are tired of boring movies, you look for better ones based on their ratings: for example, by visiting the movie database and searching for those with an 8+ rating. Likewise, investfox provides scores that act as a certain metric of how good/poor the broker is; hence there is less risk in not reading in-depth reviews.

The developers of investfox have established their own methodology to rank Forex and stock brokers and decided to solely focus on the most prominent aspects such as safety, assets, fees, account opening, trading software, support, research, and mobile experience. 

investfox makes it possible to facilitate the searching process with the help of several categories – licenses, platforms, instruments, funding, leverage, ratings, and so on. There is also a search bar in case you wish to look for desired brokers by name.

Next to reviews, investfox also provides a list of highly trusted and recommended FX brokers as well as a list of crypto exchanges, while a list of top stock brokers is to be launched later this year. 

It claims that every broker review is comprehensive and thorough as reviews are separated into various categories: you will find out about licenses, available assets, fees & commissions, trading platforms, mobile experience, education & researching tools, customer support, and so on. There are two tables indicating the pros and cons of brokers, so you will get a general idea of what features they offer. 

User-generated content 

investfox also allows user-generated content, where you will come across real experiences of investors and traders in regard to Forex and stock brokers. investfox claims to do its best to make these reviews unbiased and honest – an easier task than for Trustpilot, for example, which provides reviews of nearly every website on the internet.

Educational resources  

Apart from providing in-depth reviews of Forex and stock brokers, investfox also helps traders to get essential education in the financial industry. This is another feature that most fintech platforms lack, but investfox understands the importance of educating people in order to succeed in this field. 

The financial trading education centre of investfox consists of several sections such as financial terminology, beginner trading guides, advanced training guides, platforms and software, technical indicators, stock trading guides, NFT guides, cryptocurrency guides, strategies and chart set-ups, and several others.   

Consequently, novice traders have an opportunity to build a successful trading path with the help of this extensive educational database.

investfox is planning to expand even further and establish more and more useful content with the main idea of taking every investor from a cub to a wise predator of financial markets.