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The pandemic has been a huge driving force towards flexibility in working. We all faced the issues of working at home and organizing the schedule and work under new conditions. Many companies were forced to find ways to continue doing business despite lockdowns across the world. Even as lots of lockdowns have been lifted, many are still comfortable with employees working from their own places and even in other countries while traveling. This is also possible all thanks to digitalization and online virtual options.

Therefore, it is a new trend to invest in the UK P.O. Box alternatives to organize virtual online business or while using virtual office services. Today, you can find alternatives to the mail-handling solution. For example, if you try a virtual office suit, they usually provide users with a physical address to do business. It also comes with other support services such as videoconferencing and PO Box alternatives such as virtual mail. Many companies, especially startups, opt for this type of office because it is convenient and reduces expenses. Let’s check the main alternative that will be a convenient option for many businesses in the UK.

PO Box vs virtual mail

P.O. Box is a mailing address that you use and it could be more expensive than alternative options. Sure, the price depends on the services and package you choose. P.O. Box is an important part of the postal industry in London and the UK. The mailing address is your secure and private solution, especially as it is a special trend for many local businesses.

The P.O. Box and virtual mail are helpful solutions that provide users privacy, including the protection of the house and workplace addresses. By using the mailbox addresses, you can hide your real location and protect this way your real location, avoiding undesirable clients and maintaining a secure ambience. So it may not be at your home or office.

Virtual mail on the other hand belongs to your business. It is linked to a physical address, thus making it more effective. Virtual mail is mostly used by businesses and startups that do not have traditional offices. This address allows them to receive packages which may be redirected to their residential addresses.

Benefits of using an alternative option as a virtual mail

You probably already faced the coworking spaces that are located in the United Kingdom and know how they work. There are a number of coworking spaces that are useful at some time and for certain needs. The same things and unique benefits have virtual offices like Hoxton Mix. Such virtual offices provide virtual mails that are a great alternative to the P.O. Boxes due to many reasons. So why should you choose virtual mail? Here are some of the many reasons you can focus on:

1. Smooth and effective operations

If you wish to run your business effectively, get a profit and save some cash on excessive office costs, you can opt for virtual mail. It is a great way to manage posts, office docs, deliveries and other work packages, avoiding bureaucracy and restrictions, concerning physical presence and location. 

2. Cost effective

If you are working on a freelance basis, you can maintain privacy by using this option and save money. One way to reduce expenses is to cut down on costs. This is especially useful for startups or small businesses. As opposed to a traditional P.O. Box, a virtual mail does not require you to pay for utility bills. It is not included in the package.

All you pay for is the address and other services that you need to keep your business running and according to your business needs and requirements. Depending on your choice, you can spend anything from £0.40 per day or to £150 per year for a virtual mail according to The Hoxton Mix. For the P.O. Box, the standard price starts from a minimum of £280 per year.

3. Increased convenience

If you want to achieve more then a virtual mail can help you do that. Firstly, if you are using the P.O. Box and have busy days, you will travel to your box spot very often. If it is not really close to your real location, it could be very inconvenient, especially if we compare it with a virtual option.

Virtual mail means you are not limited to location and time. Secondly, when office employees work at their convenience and with new solutions it increases productivity. Workers can work by using virtual mail from the home or office.

4. Easy to use

You no longer have to consider the distance as an issue. For example, by using P.O. box, you will need to give your company’s house and HMRC with a real physical address for legal aspects. With virtual mail, you get flexibility and it is simply easy to use. Users are free to choose the mail types and solutions that suit your business. You get the digital format that helps you to run business remotely.

5. Security

While using your home address may be cheaper, it is not always safe. All your details will be available to the public, so you have no privacy. By using the virtual mail address around the UK you can avoid any inconveniences that might come from an unexpected client. It is also the best way to protect your data and information from customers. The virtual mailbox means that there are no risks your documentations will be neglected or sent back to the senders.

A virtual mail would offer you the basic features that a traditional one would. The virtual address can also cover all legal issues and it would be visible in government records. Those doing business from their homes can use virtual mail. This provides security while giving you a registered address. You do not have to be anywhere physically. All correspondence will be done through the address.

Final thoughts

Today, virtual and online services are everywhere. Virtual mail as an alternative to the P.O. Box provides many great benefits for your business and could give you the freedom to work remotely. You can find a package at a surprisingly low monthly fee with great services. A virtual mail is an alternative to a traditional solution in today’s digital world, especially as it is a popular solution in the UK.

Instead of paying extra, you can simply pay for the services that your business needs. So using the virtual alternative is a cost-effective strategy. Any packages that you want to be delivered to you can be sent to the virtual address. From there, the products will be forwarded to your actual address and make your life easier.