Posted on June 17, 2016 by staff

What happened when Fred Flintoff tweeted his mobile number?


England cricketing legend Andrew Flintoff once committed the ultimate social media faux-pas.

Ashes hero ‘Freddie’ managed to send his mobile number out to around a MILLION followers on Twitter.

You can guess what happened next…

The self-confessed technophobe explains: “I was trying to direct message on Twitter my phone number to a mate I’d lost contact with and accidentally posted it.

“I was sat in the back of a car in London and my phone rang. They said: ‘Is that Fred?’

“I didn’t understand so I hung up. Then in the space of a half-hour journey I must have got 200 phone calls – so I binned by number straight away!”

He also expressed bemusement at celebrities who retweet praise – “You wouldn’t walk down the street shouting about how great you are!” – and said he must be one of the only people on the planet who doesn’t “get Facebook”.

And which moment from his storied career do you think he would want fans to relive via virtual reality?

It isn’t what you’d expect…