Posted on November 10, 2017 by staff

What do you do if your team is struggling?: Everest Group


Every day this week we’re sharing the stories of workplaces that are putting mental health at the top of their agenda.

Today we hear from management consulting and research firm Everest Group.

Sarah Burnett is the company’s vice president. She believes that always being connected to technology could lead to extra stress and working long hours, and that a potential addiction to social media and devices could also put a strain on users’ personal relationships.

“My answer is to put your device away at the end of the working day or only check for new messages and social media posts occasionally,” she says.

“Personally I make sure that I have breaks at work and from work after working hours.

“This means putting my devices away and doing something completely different like taking a walk, doing yoga, or meeting up with friends for drinks after work.

“On very busy days I take a break from work between 6pm and 8pm and then go back to work for another couple of hours.

“When that’s done taking complete break from all machines is very important.

“Exercise, particularly outdoors, is also really important for tech workers as we tend to spend long hours sitting and working on the computer.”

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