Posted on November 12, 2017 by staff

What do you do if your team is struggling?: Dell


Every day this week we’re sharing the stories of workplaces that are putting mental health at the top of their agenda.

In our final interview we’re talking to Shirley Creed, global corporate secretary at Dell.

She experienced ‘down days’ following the passing of both her parents over the last two years.

“The passing of ones parents does hit you hard however old you are and I think you just need to accept that some days are down days and somewhat weepy or low,” she says.

“They do get fewer but just when you think you’re turned a corner you go back 10 paces. Accept it.

“To support someone struggling you just need to be a good friend. Listen and try to encourage more active action such as counselling.

“However, people have to run their lives and trying to force someone when they are not ready is not good.

“Check in with them from time to time – whatever works. Knock at the door, text, email – different things work for different people. Prepare to be rebuffed and don’t take it personally, check in again in a while.

“When they are ready they will reach out. Keep your antenna tuned for when they do.”

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